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Siren Song

Video, May 2023.


'Siren Song' is inspired by the intimate experiences I have had with cisgender men as a transfeminine person. It deals with the ways in which trans and gender non-conforming bodies and lives disrupt not only traditional binary notions of identity - but also desire. The project combines different elements such as music, choreography, and costume design and has resulted in a video piece.

The process started with a collection of voice notes that I had received from romantic/sexual partners during previous years. I wanted to tackle the subject of transness in the context of intimate relationship dynamics, and so I wrote a poem that took the form of musical storytelling and included the voice notes in an anonymized state. I decided to embody a character for the piece that would resemble a cross between a siren, a stripper, and a spirit. The goal was to represent the transfeminine subject as an unapologetic and precious being to undermine the gaze of degradation and sexual repression that is often projected onto trans bodies.

I chose the metaphor of the siren because of its specific connotations with queer and transfeminine identity. It has been argued by Danish professor in Nordic literature, Dag Heede, that ‘The Little Mermaid’ by Hans Christian Andersen was an autobiographical story about “a love triangle between a prince, a princess, and a strange transgender sea creature.” Hans Christian Andersen wrote the fairytale when his friend Edvard Collin, who he was in love with, married a woman. This knowledge turns the story into an allegory on life as a trans/queer person. The mermaid is an ambiguous creature who wants to find her place in the world, which takes her on a journey of radical transformation. She wants to feel freedom and love like anyone else at any price, but the world seems to be an impossible place for her to find it – even if she sacrifices her voice or gets rid of her “tail”.

Another angle to the siren reference comes from its origins in Greek mythology where she was described as a hybrid creature that would lure sailors to their death by seducing them with her voice. Sirens, like transfeminine people, are seen as sketchy, yet alluring creatures that live on the margins of reality. They are both accused of tricking men into their own demise – be it literally or socially.

For this piece, I wanted to give the siren a voice of redemption to challenge the patriarchal sexual shame that still permeates society. Far too often, it is easier for men to blame and harm others for their own sexuality, than it is to accept and develop a healthy relationship with it. I wanted to reclaim the ‘siren song’ from being seen as a deceitful appeal and turn it into a call for justice. It is a response to the misplacement of blame put on queer people and women for men’s offences. With this piece, it is my hope that I can make a pungent statement about the fluid nature of human sexuality and point out the hypocrisy and pain that results from denying it.


Gammamorph is a video piece that involves music production, poetry, costume design, sculpture, and choreography.

This piece came out of my reflections on patriarchy, heteronormativity, and transphobia. I wanted to make something that drew a line all the way through prehistorical times to our modern high-tech age. I was interested in reframing queerness as an inherent part of human history, mythology, and evolution.

Fable of the Shameless Forest Nymphs and their Sexy Mutant Dreams

A video piece that combines music production, watercolour painting, and performance.

This piece was an attempt at mixing mediums, aesthetics, and genres, and challenging the idea of what can be considered 'fine art'. It was an exercise in hybridity and a commentary on nature's inherent fluidity. I was interested in queering Fantasy, sci-fi, and mythology, as I think these genres have been dominated by a cis-het worldview. This is strange to me, as someone who has always related my transness to fairytales and surrealism. In my art practice, I want to reclaim this otherworldly realm as inherently queer.


Performance, video projection, documentation, 28/11 2017.

The word trans/trance is a recurring prefix in many languages. It comes from Latin and has meanings all rooted in the concept of something travelling from one place to another. In this performance the different meanings of that concept, and the many associations it can create has been visualized: To be transparent, to be transgender, to transform, to transcend, to be in a trance, to entrance/transfix someone, to be transgressive.Furthermore, my intent was to perform an archetypel version of a trans femme, who is both empowering and satirical. I wanted to explore the transgressive position transfeminine people take up in public spaces and the subversion of sexuality our presence provokes. The transfeminine subject poses a threat to heteronormativity, gender essentialism, and the masculine ego which are all permeating forces across human societies all over the world (Harari, 2011, p. 161-170) (Koyama, 2001) (Haraway, 1991).

Joa glitches and becomes their own avatar

Video, performance, montage, archive, February 2022.

This piece weaves together video clips of my journey through gender expressions from adolescence into young adulthood. It was inspired by cyberfeminism and Glitch Feminism, which opened my eyes to the link between my own personal and artistic development and the internet. As a young queer person from a small town in Denmark, the internet served as my muse and a platform where I could express myself creatively and authentically without barriers and filters. The internet taught me that it is possible to glitch and become your own avatar.

Trans People and the Gender Binary

Video monologue, January 2021.

I wrote a New Year’s speech, because it was time for me to tap into that pompous, ethereal, philosophical queen spirit I embody so well🧝‍♀️ I wanted to let go of my fear and express my truth.

This goes out to all gender non-conforming people who doubt themselves. I know how suffocating it feels. We need to be comfortable taking up space. WE ARE SO SPECIAL. We deserve love and respect just like everyone else. I know it is easier said than done and that some are more privileged than others in dealing with gender dysphoria and discrimination. I struggle so hard with my own internalized transphobia. This monologue is me trying to speak everything I need to hear for myself into existence and hopefully it resonates with you too. I love you 🏳️‍⚧️


Video monologue, June 2021.

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