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Do I want to transcend, or do I want to be sexy?

I did this performance on 3rd August 2023 as part of the show Do you Buy This at Ugly Duck gallery in London. It focused on the commodification of feminism and the intersection between capitalism and feminist art/design practices. I think this is the closest I have ever come to doing a TED talk lolz. The performance took the form of a reading and a gradual costume change, where I shared some of my thoughts and feelings on capitalist patriarchy and what can possibly exist beyond it.

Perfect Flower

From my performance piece ‘Perfect Flower’ at the Contemporary Art Practice degree show at The Royal College of Art, 29th June - 3rd July 2023.


“Us humans

We don’t remember how we got here

But this situation was a choice

Inside every queer person lives an ancient voice

A memory of the fluid origins of all life

That sends out sparkly energetic waves that glimmer in your eyes

A memory of what was before

This gonochoric game playing galore

Our anisogamous dominance

Our primordial potentiality for never ending change

A morphology so fluid and strange

It still shines through

It still lives in you”


Excerpts from a monologue I performed at Camberwell College of Arts and Ugly Duck Gallery as part of my workshop "F THE BODY: Fabulating, fluidifying, and freeing". The workshop was done as part of my dissertation and also included a discussion and an interactive performance. It was centered around the philosophy of embodiment and queer spirituality.

Screenshot (158).png

Documentation from the interactive aspect of my workshop, where participants had dialogues with me, while embodying one of my sculptures. The dialogue was centered around five questions: 1. How would you describe yourself if you couldn’t use words like human, person, man, woman, or other similar identity markers? 2. How do you feel about inhabiting a body? 3. Can you draw or describe a body that you would like to inhabit outside of the limitations of this reality? 4. Can you describe an experience where you felt happy, powerful, or peaceful in your body? 5. How does it feel to inhabit this imaginary body? (The hanging sculpture)



EXPERIMENTS is an interdisciplinary performance/installation using voice, dance, lighting, sculptures, props and scenery to show a ‘glitch’ in the formation and performance of human identity. The aesthetic of the set-up draws links to elements of folklore, ritualistic practice and queer theory.

I did this performance piece in my second year at Metàfora Studio Arts Programs in Barcelona, where I combined sculpture, installation, sound, and choreography for the first time. I wanted to produce queer/trans myths, rituals, and imagery. I wanted to perform a ritual that proposed a theory about the ontology of human identity - a queer mythology. I wanted to see through the illusion of thought. The illusion of the self. The illusion of ownership. The illusion of subjectivity. I wanted to strive for total objectivity. For transcendence. For nothing. For being everything and everywhere at all times. I wanted to be transhuman. Posthuman. Non-human. Non-binary. Nonentity.


FLESH is a performance I did on September 28, 2018 at the SWAB art fair in Barcelona in collaboration with the queer art collective El Palomar. The piece deals with the sexual and emotional tyranny that trans people suffer under in their relationships as well as in general society, often leading to violence or murder. The theatrical performance alludes to the murders and beatings of trans women legally justified as a result of the “trans panic defence”. As a response to this, I wrote two poems that served as the basis for the performance: 



In this world where your life takes form in the flesh

You conceive life by cultivating the flesh

But my flesh is a manifestation of death

Fake and sterile to my last breath

In me your children will be dead

At least I give the best head


That's why we are here together

When you could find someone better

I'm not like the others maybe

We can do that thing you like baby

And I won't call you crazy

Because I know you don't take me



But maybe just a little love

Maybe that will be enough

I don't want to be anyone's slut

But I also find you really hot

I know you feel conflicted

But soon you'll be addicted

I know you get a special kick

When your lips surround my dick



I will ascend from the depths

I will rise to the surface

And expose your sin

Display the truth

Tell them our story

From beginning to end


Now is the time

To destroy your facade

Your manipulation

Your body

Your life

You deserve the consequence

I'll make you a sacrifice

I'll make you suffer

For every coward in this world

To be deported

From your comfort zone

Into the shame

Until there's no way back

Nothing left

Thrown from your pedestal

Forced into the depths

Rinsed of pride



Look into my eyes

Confront your worst fear

Take my place bitch

Rot in hell

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