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Gammamorph (sculpture/costume)

A costume/wearable sculpture made in felt, that I have used in different constellations since December 2020. The piece was born out of a desire to visualize a new form of organism. The inspiration came out of my curiosity about the nature of biological sex and sexual reproduction. No one can give a firm scientific explanation of why it exists or why sexual dimorphism has become such a common phenomenon in life on earth. As a transgender person experiencing gender dysphoria it can be difficult and painful to accept this reality. It provokes an urge to imagine and long for alternative, futuristic ways of functioning as a biological organism. I tried to come up with a system that I can identify with better than the dimorphic male/female dichotomy that I find myself and our species stuck in. Gammamorph has a different kind of genitalia and produces a third kind of gamete called “wug”. Wug is mutable which means it can sexually reproduce with any other organism. It can fertilize, be fertilized, or self-fertilize.

Screenshot 2022-04-17 at 15.16.42.png
Screenshot 2022-04-17 at 15.06.16.png
gamma 1000.jpeg
Gammamorph Bottom1.JPG
Gammamorph Bottom2.JPG
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