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This was my last project at Metàfora Studio Arts in Barcelona from May 2019. I have since incorporated it into my video piece Gammamorph and the display for it at my degree show in June 2022.

The 12 dolls were made from a mould I took of a 32cmx13cm figure I sculpted in polymer clay. They were cast in dyed polyurethane. I displayed them as an installation, where they were all hanging mid-air from the ceiling.

The idea for the project came from my struggle with dollmaking, which can be a tedious, time-consuming, and precarious process. I wanted to experiment with moulding and casting as a quicker and easier way to produce more work faster. I was interested in making work that could possibly be mass-produced and playing with themes of artificial intelligence, body modification and genetic engineering.

I asked myself: What will we identify as when we can choose our bodies and possibly design them for ourselves in the future? What will happen when we can replicate and download consciousness to create artificial intelligence? What will that do to our concepts of individuality and our ego? What will we identify as when we no longer see identity as a predetermined truth?


This character and its replicas represent my answer to all these questions. They are like a little prototypical army of a new humankind where all individuals have an artificial identity, intelligence and body that is replicable, malleable and limitless in expression.

IMG_3091 (2).JPG
13. Replica (mould).JPG
IMG_2293 2.JPG
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